1. Best FF state east of the Mississippi – should be a toss up between Maine, NY and Pennsylvania. I live and work in Connecticut and spend more time on NY waters than in my home state. The Connecticut river in CT is not a wading environment, the Farmington River is a tailwater, so it’s always crowded, and the Housatonic is a wild flow but for the past four years, pretty much unfishable due to heavy and late snowmelt and/or heavy rains in April, May and June. I’m about 40 minutes from Catskill Park in NY and there are several NY rivers between the park and me, including the Roeliff-Jen, Esopus Creek, Croton (East, West and Middle branches), many tributaries of the Hudson River.
    Do a count of TU chapters in a state to figure out where the best water is.

  2. Rob Stanton on

    Interesting question, but being a dedicated trout and high country freak, I can’t really get behind any of the places listed. I’ll stay “out west” .

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