Riversmith Drops Three New Excellent “Fishing” Videos to Benefit The Mayfly Project


Last night part of the Angling Trade crew had the “pleasure” of getting whooped at ping pong at the Rep Your Water headquarters here in Colorado. In addition our friends were kind enough to host a fundraiser for the Mayfly Project, in conjunction with Boulder, CO. company Riversmith. The three short video pieces that were debuted were a breath of fresh air and are worth a watch if you’re into something a little different in the fly fishing space.  Kudos to you Riversmith and Brendan Simpson for the excellent work, raising money for a fantastic organization and bringing light to the outliers in the fly fishing space.

The Compound

Every good town has a fly shop, and every good fly shop has a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. Years ago I went into The Compound, and that day a relationship was born, even though nobody realized it at the time. When people think of Sarasota, Florida, fly fishing may not be the first thing that comes to mind. That’s why The Compound is not your average fly shop. Specializing in skate, surf, and all things Florida beach, it’s a premier fly shop with top quality gear and tons of local knowledge as well. It was also the first shop in the country to stock our River Quivers. But more than that it’s a family – a family willing to adopt anyone who walks through their doors. Spend a minute with the owner and you’ll not only catch more fish next time on the water but feel like you have a new best friend.

Mo Beck

Maureen Beck is an inspiring personality. A North Face sponsored Athlete and 2019 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, Mo also is an avid fly fisher. In this cinematic interview Mo tells us about her career in rock climbing, how fishing fits in, and why her seemingly polarizing passions come together in perfect harmony.

The Mayfly Project

Three years ago an idea was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. An idea that would have an immeasurable impact on the lives of thousands around the country. The Mayfly Project is a nationwide organization that uses fly fishing to mentor children in foster care. Doing so not only changes their lives, but the lives of mentors, those who support the cause, and anyone that comes in contact with organization. While the White River system was where it all began, odds are there is a chapter on the trout water near you. We hope this video inspires you to volunteer, donate, and support the cause.


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