Check this Out: Aux Gill Trout Recovery Apparatus


Is it like mouth-to-mouth for fish?  An iron lung?  A decompression chamber?

We don’t know for sure how to describe it, but this new device might be the most innovative means to resuscitate caught fish ever devised.  And it might in fact radically change the way we all approach catch-and-release fishing.  Is it an apparatus we all carry on our backs as we fish?  Well… probably not.  But have one in a guide boat so the client doesn’t kill a trophy steelhead?  Might be worth thinking about…  If you’re really going to talk the talk, you might as well walk the walk.  You tell us if you think it’s a potential game-changer. See the full product description with photos/illustrations below. We are very interested in feedback on this product. Please leave your comments below. If you’d like to also contact the designer (Luke Downie) give us a ring or shoot us an email and we’ll put you in touch.



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