Job Candidate: We Know A Guy… (And a teaser/plug for Tasmania)


I just returned from Tasmania, and you’ll be hearing more from me in various stories about what just might be the most interesting trout fishery on the planet. If you can imagine watching six-pound brown trout cruise the flats like redfish, crushing frogs or sipping duns in a foot of clear fresh water… or hatches of bright white caddis literally clouding the river like a snowstorm… or wallabies jumping along the rivers as you cast… well, you get the picture.

I also ran into an exceptionally talented young angler with a relevant college degree, a broad skill-set and a magnetic personality, who really impressed me. This person is extremely eager to explore employment in the US, and specifically wants to work in the fly industry. We will gladly put you in contact if you are interested in talking about either short-term (internship type) opportunities, or something more longstanding. In any regard, it would be a relationship that would likely pay dividends. I could not offer a stronger endorsement.

Meanwhile, know that Tasmania currently sells about 10 times fewer fishing licenses to foreign anglers than New Zealand does, so it’s definitely a brave new world for American Anglers. Long way away… but absolutely worth it. For more information, consider contacting Peter and Karen Brooks at Driftwater, a first-rate B&B/guide service in the Meander River Valley

Guide Daniel Hackett is also very accomplished as an author and outfitter, and he runs his guide service RiverFly 1864 out of Launceston.

-Kirk Deeter


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