Gear Review: Romano’s Latest Rod Crush… the Sage Igniter 6-weight


Super-fast stiff rods typically aren’t my thing,  but sometimes conditions demand it. I like fishing streamers out of a boat and living in Colorado it can get pretty darn windy. That’s when this stick shines.  It can throw line into the next zip code, even with a heavy sink tip, or giant bug at the end of the leader.  It’s incredibly light in the hand too, with a 6-weight feeling more like what I’ve become accustomed to in most 5-weights. Igniter is manufactured in rod weights 4-10 and couple of different lengths.  My only complaint? If your rod costs $900 there should be a few dots painted on the ferrules for proper alignment.  –TR


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  1. Richard Franklin on

    Even on rods with dots, I find myself aligning by eye starting with the tip on down. Only on the butt section which has no guides do I like a dot and even then… My only complaint? I wish the guides were one size larger for more adroit, post cast line manipulation. Igniter 9’/#5 is one stupendous, big river specialty dry fly maestro and an interestingly responsive departure in Sage taper design.

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