Gear Review: Denver Outfitters Rod Vault 2


By Kirk Deeter

I flat-out resisted getting a rod carrier for my car.  A rod tube was good enough, and I didn’t mind rigging up and taking down before and after I fished.  Only I didn’t always do that, and I broke about five rods trying to jimmy them into my vehicle, tucking them under the windshield wipers and other Darwin Award nomination-worthy tricks.  Then I came to my senses, bolted on a Denver Outfitters Two-Rod Rack (which took about five minutes), and ever since, that’s been a slap-my-forehead, “Duh, why didn’t I do that sooner?” thing.

I understand that there was an issue with back orders, as the former owner grew the business so fast as these vaults became so popular.  Since Denver Outfitters acquired Titan Rod Vaults, they’ve caught up on all that, and have also evolved the design.  Here’s what they do:

● Holds up to 10’6 fully rigged fly rods/reels. ○ Rod Vault 2: 2 rods/reels ○ Rod Vault Classic: 3 rods/reels (10’ maximum rod length) ○ Rod Vault 4: 4 rods/reels ● The Rod Vault 2/4 hold large arbor reels up to 5 inches in diameter (up 12 weight reels). ○ Rod Vault Classic: 4.25 holds reels up to 4.25 inches in diameter ● Aluminum poles are all lined with scratch resistant polypropylene liners ● Aluminum poles are incredibly durable and are made up of 6061 extruded aluminum. ● The Rod Vault is water resistant and can be kept on vehicles, outdoors, year-round. ● All bolts and washers are stainless steel. ● The Rod Vault mounts to any standard crossbar.

What they do NOT do is rattle, vibrate, hum or make other annoying noises.  Installation is easy, as is popping it off your roof rack in a matter of minutes.  I opted for the “2” because I only string a couple rods at a time usually, and it leaves room on my car roof for a ski rack or bike rack, etc.  Highly recommended… this product completely changed my attitude.

The Rod Vault 2 costs $349.  The 4 costs $549 (on sale).


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