Umpqua Donates $45k to Tongass Initiative


This is one of the biggest, most visible conservation statements by a fly manufacturer and marketer, ever.

To celebrate Umpqua’s 45th Birthday, the company promised a donation of $45,000 to preservation efforts in the Tongass National Forest—a pristine wilderness in southeast Alaska, known as “the salmon forest”—and Umpqua delivered on that promise.

In collaboration with Sportsman’s Alliance, Trout Unlimited and the American Salmon Forest Coalition, the money will be spent on education and awareness programs as well as spawning and rearing habitat preservation in the Tongass.

Umpqua also shared a “thank you” to Trout Unlimited Alaska and Sportsman’s Alliance for all of their hard work and dedication to the protection and preservation of our public lands. Both organizations are working hard to change the future of our public lands, for the better. The Tongass National Forest has one of the United States largest salmon populations– and much of the forest is unprotected. This needs to change and we will keep demanding that change.


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