AT E-Survey:  Are Manufacturers’ Direct Sales Hurting Your Business?


It made waves when the likes of Simms, and Far Bank said they would have direct-to-consumer sales channels. But, like Orvis, they promised to support the independent dealer too. So now that this has been playing out for a couple years, what’s your take?

Are Manufacturers’ Direct Sales Hurting Your Business?

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  1. Take your pick, I think it’s just one more thing to make it hard on the traditional fly shop. I understand that very few retailers carry all the products offered by a manufacturer. It’s also true that there are parts of the country where there aren’t a lot of shops. If I had to pick what bothers me the most especially this year it would be in order of importance:

    1) Weather- still by far the number one factor in shop profitability assuming the shop has a location near quality fisheries.
    2) Amazon and other e-retailing. Even if you have the best e-store going but little traffic coming to the site, you’re not going to make it in that arena. Getting access to the larger market via Amazon, E-Bay Store, Goggle ad click all costs money either in fees or transaction commissions. Volume is the answer in theory anyway. My challenge is how you transfer the competitive advantage we have as a brick and mortar with a good reputation and location to the internet.
    3) Vendor supply chain. If they are out of stock, so are you.
    4) Love TU and BTW, we are the nation’s first Gold Endorsed Business but those Life Membership rod and reel deals are annoying. Kurt, if you’re in charge, keep up the good work.

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