The Road Goes on Forever…


And the party never ends. Or at least the product reviews never end. If you didn’t get any love in these newsletters or video clips… if you want more love for more and different products… if you had a camera stuck in your face in the past few days, and wonder why you haven’t seen anything yet…

IFTD WAS JUST THE BEGINNING OF ANGLING TRADE’s NEW PRODUCT COVERAGE. It started there, but we’re going to keep rolling. We’re open to more product pitches. Better yet, we’d like to test your products on the water. We’re going to run regular reviews on our site, via newsletters, and we’ll co-op that content with Trout Unlimited, and run a lot of it through TU’s digital, social and print media (which gets to a few hundred thousand of the most dedicated anglers in the country.

It just started. Do not walk away from the trade show and think it’s all over. We want to hear from you… and we will cover your product. No pitch is a bad pitch. [email protected]


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