Yeti Rambler One Gallon Jug ($129.99)


I literally packed this thermos/jug in my luggage and flew it from Colorado to Florida. Nuts, right? Who brings a jug in their luggage?

Well, with all we’ve been hearing about plastic, how trash plastic is ruining the oceans and killing marine life, it seems a bit hypocritical to fly to Florida to enjoy ocean fishing, and then buy a few dozen plastic water bottles along the way. Stick your socks and sunglasses inside to save space, and put this in your bag. When you get to where you’re staying fill it with ice (that’s what hotel ice machines are for, and this is a heckuva lot better than a plastic ice bucket. Every morning, fill it with fresh water, and take it to the boat. Enjoy ice cold water all day long. We let our sit out in the open on in the boat, when the sun was intense and high temps reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit. More than half the ice was left intact at the end of a long fishing day, every day. Granted, the half-gallon size is probably a bit easier to travel with and drink from, but I’d rather have more water than less on the flats. The genius: that magnetic cap never falls off or gets lost on the boat. The down-side: convincing your spouse that $130 for a water jug is worth it.


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