Angling Trade’s Intern Extraordinaire Jack Nickens

As we’ve announced earlier, Angling Trade’s summer intern will once again be Jack Nickens.  He’s very talented with video, as a writer, etc., and he’s already been helping us out for over a year.

Jack will be guiding again in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  So we thought, “why don’t we have him do some more gear testing to augment all the stuff we’re rolling with for Angling Trade and Trout magazines?”

He’ll write, and we’ll run weekly or bi-weekly  write ups, and space is limited, so if you want your products tested, you want video shot, you want reviews in print and online (and social media), let us know so we can plan it in.

We’re going push these through social channels on a weekly basis.  This will also end up in e-newsletters like this one, which go to the industry.  It will also be in TU’s e-newsletter, which goes to 65,000 serious anglers every Friday (with > 45% open rate).  After that, we’ll run the best of the test in Trout magazine, which has the largest print readership in fly.  We’ll partner with other media as well.

Please just let us know what you have in mind via email at [email protected], and copy [email protected], and we will coordinate the shipping situation later.


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