What Every Angler Should Know about Yellowstone’s New Felt-Ban


From Korkers:

On the heels of Yellowstone National Park’s recent ban prohibiting the use of felt-soled wading boots, Korkers offers insight and suggestions to anglers dealing with the impact of the announcement.

“We applaud and appreciate the steps being taken to raise awareness and elevate the protection of the Yellowstone National Park, but we believe anglers should be adequately informed about the larger issue of responsible cleaning and proper care of all of your gear. By continuing to beat the drum of “give felt the boot,” we’re not really talking about the real issue, which is inspect, clean, and dry all your gear”” says Brian Chaney Korkers CEO.  “Studies have shown that the interior of your boots and other gear can actually hold and collect similar to more amounts of invasive species when compared to felt soles, but with proper inspection, cleaning and drying of your gear, the chances of invasive species spreading is significantly reduced.”

Korkers is taking a leading stance to advocate the need to educate all anglers on the importance of responsible fishing. Korkers encourages anglers learn more about caring for their gear at www.cleanangling.org.

Chaney continues, “We believe that anglers should have choices and should be given the proper information about the issue, not just about felt.  We can’t agree more with the ultimate goal of protecting these precious environments, but we believe that given responsible options, anglers can effectively use felt or other soles and fight this battle.”

Korkers offers an interchangeable outsole system, called OmniTrax™, which provides a thought-provoking solution where felt could be used responsibly by either using one felt-sole specifically for the river system you’re fishing, and using another felt-sole for other specific river systems. The Omnitrax™ Sole System also provides the ability to drain, dry and clean your boots and soles separately.

Unfortunately, these practices are not yet accepted in felt-banned areas and will not prevent you from receiving a hefty fine. Korkers does however offer interchangeable rubber sole options that are acceptable and provide a unique approach where the same boot can be used in felt-banned and felt-allowed areas with the appropriate outsole.

“The best advice we can offer to anglers is to check out our product line which offers wading boots featuring the widest assortment of outsole traction options in the industry. And of course, be sure to thoroughly inspect, clean and dry all your gear. We can’t help but emphasize the importance of protecting the health of our waterways.”

One of the most exciting products Korkers has released to combat this issue is their proprietary Triple Threat Sole Platform™. This 100% customizable sole provides endless spike, bar, and hex disc configurations for the ultimate in traction options.  This sole is made from a sticky rubber outsole with over-molded stainless steel receptacles to accept the proprietary bolt-on traction enhancement system.  While the debate about the effectiveness of felt vs. rubber wages on, the Triple Threat Sole™ is an eco-friendly solution that provides the ultimate in aggressive traction.

Korkers also offers four other sticky-rubber based sole options that are slightly less aggressive than the Triple Threat Sole option, but work great in slick conditions where felt is not an option: Kling-On™, Studded Kling-On™, Vibram Idrogrip™, and Studded Vibram Idrogrip™ outsoles.

About Korkers
Since 1959, Korkers™ has created functional and versatile footwear for outdoor adventurers.  Starting with overshoe cleats and expanding to footwear, Korkers is known for developing products that solve problems with design advances and innovative technology.  Their wading and winter boots feature the proprietary OmniTrax™ Interchangeable Sole System, which provides a variety of performance traction options so no corner of the globe is out of reach.  Brian Chaney leads the Portland, Oregon-based company’s team of avid outdoor enthusiasts.

Korkers supports various environmental initiatives,  and its products regularly receive accolades in gear guides and reviews.  Korkers’ extensive line of footwear and accessories can be found globally, through fishing and outdoor specialty stores and select online retailers. To learn more, call 800-524-8899 or visit www.korkers.com.


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