URGENT CALL TO ACTION! The Everglades Need Your Help.


From Sandy Moret and Now or Neverglades:


So much has changed over the past year, and we desperately need you to take action TODAY.   

Powerful forces continue to fight against the “optimal configuration” of the reservoir that SB10 calls for.  

And if the South Florida Water Management District continues on its current path, we will be handed – at best – a $1.6 billion reservoir that does not send enough clean water south.

The current design is too small, and it doesn’t have enough filter marsh (STA) to clean the water and efficiently send it south – like many other Everglades restoration projects, it’s an expensive, inefficient work-around. 

Please take one minute to contact Governor Scott’s office today, and urge him to cancel leases on 18k acres of taxpayer land – our land – currently being used by the same sugar companies that have refused to sell any land for this project.


We need our land back, we need a reservoir plan that will stop the toxic discharges to our coastal estuaries and communities, and rehydrate the Everglades and Florida Bay. 

Please forward this email to your friends and family – your children, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  If our voices are to be heard, we need to be LOUD and we need to be MANY.  Otherwise, this too may fall by the wayside.

It truly is Now…or Neverglades. Please visit our call to action page right now. It only takes a minute of your time to help save this amazing resource.






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