Emerger Strategies Presents: “The Sustainable Angler”


From Emerger Strategies:

Emerger Strategies Presents: “The Sustainable Angler” which is a new blog series where Emerger Strategies President, Rick Crawford, will interview the biggest names in fly fishing to discuss climate change and other topics that are negatively impacting our fisheries. Crawford said “the intent is to create more education and awareness about critical issues like climate change and many others that are fixable problems so that what we can minimize our impacts and protect what we all love.”

The first three “Sustainable Anglers” to be interviewed are: Hilary Hutcheson, Jako Lucas and Todd Tanner with more to come! The first Sustainable Angler will be published next week at www.emergerstrategies.com. If you are Sustainable Angler and would like to be interviewed, please drop Rick a line at: [email protected].


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