VEDAVOO, craft builders of bags, packs, and other accessories for fly fishing, are proud to release their 2018 line of products.  A line-wide update and several new products are characterized by simpler, more durable layouts that are designed to be more versatile for customers.

Changes include:

SLING PACKS are built with redesigned shoulder harnesses for greater comfort and less chance of shoulder fatigue.  These are longer, more naturally curved, and do not have a buckle that could rub on the collarbone.  Also, a side release buckle has been added as a second layer of security over pouch closures, and sturdy, integrated loop is now on the face of pouches for quick attachment of improved ARC Accessories – like the ARC Tippet PackARC Fly Patch, and ARC Plier Pack.  Lastly, we have simplified the layout of slings with more intuitive tool anchors, and pouch pockets designed to keep gear within reach.

DAYPACKS and MESSENGERS feature vinyl bases for improved waterproofing and durability.  Gusseted flap closures improve protection from rain and snow.  The dual buckle flap has have been streamlined to make access to the main compartment less cumbersome and to ease use of the raingear sleeve on the top of the pack.  Side stretch pockets are now built with double layered stretch fabric for greater durability, and compression has been optimized.

ARC ACCESSORIES are more versatile and easier to use with a double fold design that cuts the overall footprint in half while delivering a more secure base for attached gear.  Wrap them over your belt, around pack straps, over wader harness straps, or mount them to the face of one of our packs with an ARC ready design.  Quickly and easily move, swap, or interchange these accessories as your needs change.  It’s never been easier to switch from freshwater to saltwater tippets on your pack. All ARC’s are now backed with upcycled scraps from Water Master raft builds, adding a waterproof base and greater structure for these products.

WALLETS and POUCHES are now characterized by simpler styling, and more user-friendly layouts.  As an example, our new Fly Wallet is wider to better protect longer streamers, slightly shorter to make it fit more easily in all of our packs (now about the size of a Tacky Big Bug Box, and weighing an ultralight 3.6 oz.), and still has two internal pockets for heads, leaders, and other gear.  Even our Pinch Pouches are better, with a new, curved design that keeps stuff from getting stuck in corners.

WE’VE SAID GOODBYE to some longtime favorites as well.  The Tightlines Light and Tightlines Deluxe have been replaced with the all new TIGHTLINES SLING.  Cleaner, simpler, and more comfortable, our original modular sling has never been better.

Two separate rod carriers have now been replaced with a single ROD QUIVER better designed to carry 4-piece rods of a much wider variety of sizes in lengths up to 10′

The Hip Pack Deluxe was replaced by the new, simpler Hip Pack (now $10 less) and the Utility Belt has been discontinued as our ARC Accessories deliver similar value with less bulk.

The company is also excited to release several new pieces in 1Q18, including other specialized packs, the culmination of the latest REEL SERVICE PROJECT to benefit Project Healing Waters, and the first pieces in the new VEDAVOO MAINstream collection.

To view all products released as part of the 2018 Collection, please visit VEDAVOO.COM

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact [email protected] or by phone at 888.626.0007

We hand-craft each of our products to order in our New England workshop with American materials for quality that our customers can trust.  But our work is truly special because of the moms, college students, and other local craftsmen that hand-build each piece to order for our customers. There may be easier roads – and there are undoubtedly less costly ones – but they aren’t ours.  We’re looking forward to building for you very soon!



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