Rajeff Sports Standing Up for Shops


Check out the video #flyshopstrong from Rajeff Sports.  It’s all about encouraging consumers to shop at their local fly shop.

From the company: “Here at Rajeff Sports we understand the importance of our fly shops. They are not only our customers and retailers, but a part of each local fly fishing community. We touch on that in the videos, and point out that your local fly shop should be the first place to look for gear, get information on new places you’re fishing, and make friends who are just as passionate as you are. Rajeff Sports takes pride in selling directly to fly shops and not the end consumers. We still have people calling in, almost daily, to buy products without visiting a shop. When that happens, we happily refer to them to their local shop. Looking ahead, we will be expanding the #flyshopstrong promotion and have several projects in the works.”


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