IFTD 2017 Update: Scott G Series


scott_gScott Fly Rod president Jim Bartschi held this one close to the vest, and wouldn’t spill the beans on details until we actually had it in our hands and took it to the river.  But he did say this was the most significant fly rod family Scott has introduced in many years.  That’s bold talk for a company that’s racked up substantial award-hardware in recent years with the launches of Radian, and later, Meridian.  But it’s true… and sweetly ironic that it comes in the form of a relaunched “G” series that served as the company’s bread-and-butter for years.  I love the original G series, and am on record, pining for the days of the old classics, like the G, the Sage RPL, and the Loomis GLX and Winston IM-6.   When I got the new Scott G (a 4-weight) I was smitten by the aesthetics.  Still, I went to my gear vault and dusted off old “Uncle Henry” a Scott G circa 1992, and then shot off to the pond for a side-by-side.  Still fond of Uncle Henry, but the new G is a marvel.  The reborn G has that clean, classic medium action (all about feel and grace) but a little more oomph and pizazz, thanks to modern materials and components. It’s a really, really fine line to resurrect a classic because you have to be true to the roots, but it has to be better.  The new G is both.  An instant classic.


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