You Can Still Get Product Featured in AT DIGITAL


fish_school-245x198If you aren’t in the upcoming print issue of Angling Trade, which will be printed next week, and mailed sometime after that… that’s a bummer.  We have 30 pages of product coming straight at everyone who makes, buys, and sells stuff for the fly-fishing market.  Maybe you wanted to keep it a secret… that’s cool.  You still have a chance to get the word out in a massive way, and that is by hitting us before the show starts, to grease the skids for coverage on Angling Trade’s digital newsletters and videos we will be producing at the show itself.  Seriously… please give us a heads-up now if you can.  If not, please try to grab us at the show itself.  A good time to do that is usually at the awards ceremony where we watch all the products featured in print and on the digital newsletters and videos rake in the hardware…


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