Green Globe Lauds Turneffe Flats for Three Decades of Sustainability


image001From Turneffe Flats:

International environmental watchdog Green Globe has cited Belizean fly-fishing, Scuba diving and marine eco-tourism resort Turneffe Flats for “… 30 year of sustainable operation and management of a travel and tourism business.”

The citation from Green Globe read, in part, “For the past three decades, Turneffe Flats has actively supported the sustainable environmental, economic and social use of Turneffe Atoll through a variety of efforts. The eco-tourism resort has worked to be a model off-the-grid green enterprise and has developed many innovative ways to combine top-notch service with minimal environmental effects.”

Green Globe first certified Turneffe Flats for its sustainable operations in 2013 and again this year the eco-tourism resort has proven its environmental credentials with a notable compliance score of 89%, the highest in Belize.

According to Turneffe Flats’ owner-operator Craig Hayes, “We will do our part by working to sustain the incredible natural wonders of Turneffe Atoll with Turneffe Flats serving as a model for sustainable coastal marine tourism.”

The Turneffe Atoll Trust is involved with other conservation initiatives including sustainability-related research, an advocacy program for strict enforcement of environmental laws at Turneffe and the development of a land trust to perpetually protect key areas at Turneffe. Over the upcoming 3 to 4 years, plans to build a Turneffe Sustainability Center will be realized, assisting in overseeing and expanding local conservation efforts, added Hayes.



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