Utah Stream Access Winter Update


USAC_nov_14From USAC:

A brief update…

Back in January, the Utah Supreme Court heard oral arguments in BOTH the Public Waters (Provo) and Navigability (Weber) cases. This marks the end of a 6-year long legal battle for stream access, and while we await the Supreme Court’s final ruling (expected sometime later this year), we want to extend our sincere gratitude for all of the hard work our pro bono legal team has put into order xanax online mastercard this. In particular, we want to thank our lead counsel of Craig Coburn, Cullen Battle, and John Young, for their impassioned dedication to the cause. We also want to thank the numerous other attorneys and experts that have consulted, performed research, and helped with the heavy lifting. You can listen to oral arguments for the Provo case (here) and the Weber case (here).


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