Recycled Paper Fly Boxes, Now at AFFTA


affta_cardboardFrom AFFTA:

Today is the day! Recycled paper fly boxes are now available at! Choose from three different sizes to best suit your shop’s needs: 2″x2″x2″ (dry flies and nymphs), 3″x3″x2″ (bigger dry flies and nymphs, bass bugs, and smaller saltwater flies), and 6″x3″x2″ (big stuff like tarpon and billfish flies, plus a few leader packs and spools of tippet).

It’s estimated the fly-fishing industry adds about 3.5 million plastic containers annually to the environment from retail fly sales alone! These boxes will save retailers some serious money and eliminate a large amount of useless waste.

We’re proud to offer AFFTA members the ability to order recycled paper fly boxes on — you’ll find this is an easy, cost-effective way to lower your impact and help #kickplastic!


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