Loon Outdoors To Host Fly Tying 101 Live Streaming Events in January 2017


loonFrom Loon Outdoors:

Loon Live, hosted by Loon Outdoors, is a free, live streaming fly tying demonstration enjoyed by
fly tyers from around the world. While the patterns cover a breadth of styles, materials, and
species of fish in which they’d target, each episode trends toward the intermediate or advanced
tyer. For the month of January 2017, Loon will be replacing Loon Live with a brand new series
geared specifically for the beginning tyer called Fly Tying 101.

Episodes will air every Thursday night at 6 pm (PST) through January at loonoutdoors.com/fly-tying-101 and will cover 5 patterns that demonstrate techniques that are foundational to
tying. Once episodes conclude, they’ll be available to re-watch on the Fly Tying 101 webpage.

Loon Live is structured so that cheap xanax no prescription viewers can comment and ask questions during the live
stream. The attendance for these events commonly consists of tyers from 20+ countries and Fly
Tying 101 was developed in response to viewer requests for patterns and tutorials that are
geared to the less advanced tyer.

Each Fly Tying 101 episode will feature an assortment of Loon Outdoors products and feature
patterns and materials from Hareline Dubbin’s Fly Tying Material’s Kit (for a list of available
retailers to purchase this kit, visit hareline.com/info). Material lists are also available to
download on the Loon Fly Tying 101 web page (loonoutdoors.com/fly-tying-101). Participants
are encouraged to acquire the materials ahead of time so that they can follow along, but there is
no purchase or sign up necessary.


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