Santa Claus is a Fly Angler 10 Reasons We Know This…



1.    Big beard, penchant for plaid, a bit round about the middle… sound like anyone you know?
2.    Remains out of sight in the summer months, and usually only shows up in social settings when it’s snowy and rivers are frozen.
3.    Constantly surrounded by animals; learned centuries ago that bird dogs could not fly or pull sleighs, otherwise things would be much different today.
4.    Has an extremely devoted and understanding spouse who lets him fly around the world once a year, so long as the chores get done when he’s back.
5.    When you see him this year, he’ll be wearing the same coat he wore in 1984.
6.    Lives at the North Pole, so he can access the best char and grayling rivers within a 10-minute reindeer flight.
7.    Firmly committed to the notion that nobody can have too many toys (so long as they stay on the “nice” list).
8.    Have you seen him crack that magic whip?  Santa never, ever makes a tailing loop.
9.    Likes cookies.  Really, really, really likes cookies.
10.    Believes in all that’s good in this world, is devoted to giving, and connects with people from all countries and cultures who share in that spirit.

Here’s wishing all of you the very best of holidays, and hoping that you will live in the past, present, and the future… that the spirits of all three shall strive within you… and that none of us shut out the lessons that they teach.

… From the Elves of Angling Trade.


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