AT Survey: Which Presidential candidate is better for fly fishing as a whole, and your business in particular?



AT Survey: Which Presidential candidate is better for fly fishing as a whole, and your business in particular?

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  1. Hoyt Herringbone on

    I am curious as to why people believe that trump would be good for fishing. If someone could explain your reasoning, that would be great!

  2. I’m surprised at the vote results. I didn’t realize there were so many liberals in the fly fishing business. Perhaps it’s just that there are more liberals that responded to this survey. As a business owner who survived the Clintons during the ’90’s and endured the 2009 collapse and are still hanging around through this supposed recovery, I can’t believe how any business owner and employer can support failed liberal democrat policies that are continuing to harm our great country in so many ways.

    • You know it was trickle-down economics and giving way too much power to big banks that caused the economic collapse… right? Republican economics.

    • Connor- you sir, are an ill-informed fool. I’m sure your struggling business is due to your low IQ and ignorance. Cheers!

    • “Liberal democrat policies” aren’t the failure here. What’s good for the economy is good for my business. When people have money to spend, that helps me – people had money in the 90’s.

      Republican policies winning economically is a myth. The data just doesn’t support it to be fact.

      All that aside, Trump’s proposed policies will wreck the economy, and I don’t want to weather that storm in my business.

      Besides…Mr. T believes climate change is a joke. I disagree. In regard to the flyfishing business, that’s me taking the long view, but that’s the one I’m compelled to take.

  3. FlyFinaticLou on

    I’m the “other guy,” the consumer guy, the retired Navy guy . . . and the guy who happens to believe that Connor may be living in an alternate Republican-universe ! We all know it as the “Everything and Anything anti-Obama universe,” that has Pledged (actually Pledged) themselves into Stagnating the Country in order to sway Their “Followers” (hmm, you mean like a cult”) ! Just a couple days ago Senator McCain said the Republicans would Block ALL Supreme Court Nominees if Hillary Clinton became President ! Is there anything else that’s needed to CLARIFY ? Clem, Jimmy, Hoyt and Bob I AGREE with ! I whole-heartedly support a number of Fly Fishing Shops – Caddis Fly in particular (Chris would attest to that I think) ! No doubt in my mind, as a 65 yr. old who grew up in the very same City as the “Trumpeter,” he was, has been and continues to be as Nasty as ever ! In his words, “Hugely-Bigly” Nasty ! Lou in Spokane and Proud to be a Fly Shop & Hillary Supporter.

    • FlyFinaticLou on

      It’s me, FlyFinaticLou, with a ps; Of course Climate Change is REAL ! ONE look at any NASA Photo or Heat Imagery, ONE look at the Polar regions or Greenland or ANY of the (dwindling) Glaciers should Ring a bell in ANY reasonable persons head ! Of course that presently excludes Many of a Republican Mind-set ! I don’t say that to be cynical or hateful – it just seems to be “factual” based on what Many (if not Most) of “them” in Congress would leave US (A) to believe ! Again, as the “Trumpster” would Spin it, Climate Change is Hugely-Bigly ALL Clintons Lies, and Al Gore’s, oh and by the way, also tied into Her Disastrous E-Mails ! .
      The Real Hugely-Bigly Question should be . . . “DO WE ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION OR CONTINUE TO KICK IT DOWN THE ROAD; we are running out of “pavement,” it is time, Way past the time (actually) of the 1st Earth Day (I remember it well) ! Problem IS we have too many Big Powerful Corporations who side on the Profit motive over Common Sense and the (if I may borrow a phrase)) “ALL LIVES MATTER” motive is just an “Inconvenience” to THEM. I could go On and On about the Forests, Mountaintops, Rivers and Streams, Topsoil . . . and the Rest, but it would take a Hugely-Bigly Book, and I am not a Writer, so . . . Can we All just “get along” BETTER Next Year ? Or are the Republicans going to kick that on down the road for 4 more years (with a Clinton win) too, as promised (by McCain) ? Wow, that was a long ps !

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