RIO’s New Easy-Casting, Mid-Head Spey Line


rioRipe for the angler exodus to steelhead meccas this fall, RIO is boosting its collection of booming spey lines, with an offering that’s ideal for fishing mid-sized rivers with 13- and 14-foot rods.

The new InTouch Mid Head Spey Line, according to the specs, has an easy-casting mid-length head between 52 and 60 feet (depending on size), with an efficient long-step front taper.

“The rear-weight design loads rods easily for effortless Spey casts, and the ultra-low stretch ConnectCore ensures impressive energy transfer and maximum performance.”

Additional features include a bright orange “Loading Point” marker that shows anglers the optimal strip-to point for sending effective casts. Lines are available in three colors—green, orange, and straw—from a 6/7 size (520 grains) to a 10/11 size (785 grains). MRSP: $99.95.


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