Loon Releases Rouge Quickdraw Forceps



Go anywhere. Store everywhere. The Rogue Quickdraw Forceps from Loon Outdoors have been thoughtfully designed from end to end and represent the next step in the evolution of hemostats.

The most unique and noticeable feature on this tool is the carabiner included in the comfortably sized handle. This allows the Quickdraw Forceps to be stored like other forceps with locking handles, or clipped to any pack, bag, vest, strap, belt, loop, webbing…etc., allowing them to be safely but conveniently stored no matter how much abuse they take in between uses.

The handles were designed with ergonomics in mind, and like the rest of Loon’s line of Rogue tools they have been double-dipped for added comfort and tackiness. Even anglers with larger hands will find the oversized thumb and finger holes to be accommodating.

The innovation demonstrated in the Quickdraw Forceps isn’t limited to the handles, as the jaws display a unique geometric design that can do the heavy lifting of debarbing large hooks as well as the delicate work of hook removal. The scissor deeper in the jaw means that the Quickdraw Forceps can do just about everything that an angler needs from a tool on the water.


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