Fishpond’s “curb appeal”


fishpond_duffleFP_river-ratWe always expect Fishpond to bring something that absolutely leaps off the shelf (can we just concede that Fishpond is one of the very best “curb appeal” point-of-sale performers in all the outdoors, not just fishing?)  This time was no different.  We like the Thunderhead Submersible Duffle, particularly the carry-on size that retails for $300.  Not a lot of pocket frills, just a great, distinctive look with climbing rope handles, bright color, and durability. It’s also 100% waterproof!  A lot of traveling anglers are going to want these.  We also like the “River Rat” beverage holder, which hangs around your neck as you row a boat.  At $29.95, that’s a good gift item for any beer-drinkin’ oarsman (or oarswoman).


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