Platypus Meta™ Bottle Delivers Safe Drinking Water on the Go


Platypus_MetaBottleFrom Cascade Designs:

Access to clean drinking water has never been
more convenient with the introduction of the Platypus Meta™ Bottle, available in Spring
2016 as either a standard water bottle (.75L, $19.95; 1L,
$21.95), or a personal water filter system (1L Meta Bottle
+ Microfilter, $49.95).

The innovative Meta Bottle has a hybrid, 2-part design,
with a hard upper half and a compactible lower half,
combining the ease of drinking from a hard bottle with
the packable flexibility of a soft bottle. The Meta Bottle
also has an optional Microfilter accessory, which turns
the bottle into a personal water filter for safe drinking
water in the backcountry.

When used as a water filter, the Meta Bottle is both fast
and easy. The pump-free design saves time and energy,
providing filtered water with a simple “Scoop, close,
drink” process—simply unthread the bottom half and use
it to scoop water out of the nearest water source, close
the bottle, and drink. The hollow fiber Microfilter rapidly
filters out bacteria and protozoa, and delivers up to 2
liters of water per minute with a 1,000-liter lifespan.
Further, the Microfilter is field-maintainable to ensure
optimal performance.

Platypus Meta Bottle Features:
• Easy to disassemble and clean
• Dishwasher safe
• Packable – compacts to half its size
• Easy to use – simply tip, squeeze and sip
• Upgradeable to filter bottle system that removes 99.9999% of bacteria and
99.9% of protozoa

• Fast – filters up to 2L per minute
• Long-lasting filter – the Microfilter has up to a 1,000-liter lifespan
• Filter can be cleaned in the field with a fast, easy, and tool-free process
• BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free materials

About Platypus
Seattle-based Platypus is the market leader in creating flexible and versatile hydration
solutions. For over two decades, Platypus has produced innovative products that
redefine what hydration looks like for active and outdoor use, from creating the flexible
water bottle category with the SoftBottle™ to simplifying life in the backcountry with the
gravity-fed GravityWorks™ filter systems. All Platypus bottles and storage solutions are
taste-, BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free, and are proudly manufactured in the United
States and Ireland.


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