SmithFly Launches world’s first MOLLE compatible Dry Pack


From SmithFly:

Fly fishing gear maker SmithFly Designs recently announced an innovative new pack called the Big Scioto Dry Pack, the world’s first MOLLE compatible dry pack. Gear on the inside stays dry, while gear mounted to the outside is easily accessible.

Many anglers, photographers, backpackers and travelers have begun to carry water proof style packs but those packs are difficult to get in and out of and anytime you open them in the rain the dry compartment gets wet. The Big Scioto Dry Pack takes these new more waterproof designs to the next level by integrating the military style modular MOLLE system on the back, allowing users to customize what elements they attach, while keeping critical gear in dry reserve.

“Previously when you were fishing in the rain using a typical dry pack, and you needed to get to your gear inside it, the gear you wanted to stay dry inevitably became wet,” said Smith. “So with this new pack you can xkeep the gear you need to access quickly and frequently, like fly boxes, leaders etc, on the outside of the pack and keep the things you do not need to access as often, like spare clothes, food, etc to stay dry, on the inside of the pack.”

This new design merges two concepts that have traditionally been separate. Until now, MOLLE gear was built using sewn webbing ladders with bar tacks to attach the webbing to the body of the pack. However, SmithFly has adapted a new laser cut webbing-free approach to the MOLLE system making it lighter and more waterproof. This is a huge leap in design from the current generation of MOLLE gear and for SmithFly means the ability to open up new markets. The Big Scioto Dry Pack bag will be offered in a unique, custom, digitally printed, high definition, Tidal Grass camouflage to appeal specifically to water fowl hunters.

The name of the new pack is derived from the Scioto River (pronounced Sy-Oh-tuh) a river in central and southern Ohio more than 231 miles (372 km) in length. It rises in Auglaize County in west central Ohio, flows through Columbus, Ohio, where it collects its largest tributary, the Olentangy River, and meets the Ohio River at Portsmouth.The name Scioto is derived from the native american Wyandot word skɛnǫ·tǫ’ for ‘deer.’ and is also the name of a traditional fiddle called Big Sciota(y).

Preorder for the Big Scioto Dry Pack, is available through March 20th via a Kickstarter Campaign. For more information and to place a preorder visit:

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