Why You Should Think About Attending the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show


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The Show is Sold Out (For Exhibitors)

Note: Angling Trade has absolutely no ax to grind with regard to the trade show. We aren’t a part of AFFTA; we don’t make any money on it (in fact, you might argue that we make as much or more reporting what happens there to the people who do not attend). But we think you should go to the show. Timing isn’t great for most of us, we know. But we’re sensing some really genuine vibes that this is going to be a happening worth attending. (Besides, it’s nice for us to see everyone in one place, rather than chasing you down on the phone.) So for the next 10 Angling Trade E-Newsletters, we’re going to ping you with reasons why you should think of going. Starting now.

The International Fly Tackle Dealer Show – the largest international gathering of fly fishing manufacturers, retailers, sales reps, media and fly fishing organizations in the world — is officially sold out for 2016. The show, slated to take place in Orlando, Florida, July 12-15, 2016, is reputed as “the place” to meet with the industry – the people, products, innovations, emerging trends and the leading brand presentations of the 2016/2017 fly fishing season.

More than 232 booths have seen sold, confirming 2016 will be the largest IFTD show to date. “This is the first time in the history of IFTD that the show has sold out the first week of March,” AFFTA President Ben Bulis stated. “This is the direct result of providing our exhibitors with a level of customer service and delivering a product they feel is a ‘can’t miss event.’ I applaud the industry, our members, and the current and past board members for their dedication and commitment to our industry trade association and IFTD. It takes a year to plan IFTD and one the many changes we made this year — bringing the two casting ponds to the center of the show — has proven to be a great decision for our exhibitors, and one show attendees will enjoy as well. IFTD is our industry trade show, I look forward to seeing everyone in Orlando.”

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    • Chris, you are referring to exhibitors and we actually have 110. We just removed the pressroom from the floor to accommodate an additional 6 exhibitors. We now have sold 238 booths.

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