American Rivers Releases Short Film about Jack Dennis and Upper Snake River Headwaters


From American Rivers:

“Rivers are made for fly fishing. There is something about a river – its music, its mystery – it gives you more chances, more opportunities, throughout your whole life.” – Jack Dennis

We would certainly agree, which is why we made the short film featuring a thoughtful conversation with legendary fly fishing guide Jack Dennis about his involvement, and the efforts of late Senator Craig Thomas, American Rivers and its partners, in designating the Upper Snake River Headwaters in Wyoming as one of the nation’s most comprehensive Wild & Scenic Rivers.

Through this film, you can experience a small taste of the beauty of the Snake buy alprazolam near Jackson, as well as feel the joy between Jack and his grandson as they ply the currents of this beautiful stretch of water. And as he says about the experience of working on more than 400 miles of Wild & Scenic protections for the river, “It was the most satisfying thing, outside of family, that I have ever done.”  Thanks, Jack.

Our goal with this film is to celebrate this important success and inspire people to protect more Wild and Scenic rivers, with an eye toward the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in 2018.


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