Just 6 Digital Angling Trade Ad Spots left for the year


fish_schoolA quick reminder that Angling Trade has changed direction in regards to frequency and platform.  The response we’ve received for this plan has been overwhelmingly positive and many companies have secured their spots for 2016. In fact it’s been so positive that only a handful of digital spots remain for all of 2016, with about 6 of them remaining. Many folks have booked their print space too with most of the premium spots already being allocated for the two issues we’re producing.

We are going to double the frequency of our electronic newsletters (“Angling E-News”), producing two editions every month going forward.  Concurrently, we are going to roll back to two print issues per year–one in the Spring at the launch of the fishing season, and one in Summer to coincide with the trade show season.  The reasons are fairly straightforward: We think we will be more effective in reaching manufacturers and dealers with coverage of hard news and issues if we connect more often than once a month; and we will save advertisers (and ourselves) money on print production by loading up on two print issues.  This plan buy xanax without a rx will go into effect the beginning of 2016 (we are not printing a December issue). With the changes will come a new, more nimble, mobile-friendly “responsive” website as well as an updated E-newsletter format.

Our ad rates will remain the same for the printed product, and we are in the last phases of figuring out the new format for the E-Newsletters to pair with the new website. If you’d like to reserve your print spots now for the 2016 season please do let us know. If you’re interested in the digital realm too drop us a line and we’ll get back to you giving you an updated inventory list of what’s available.

Your continued support is key to maintaining and even growing this forum that is exclusively focused on the issues, people, and product related to the business of fly fishing in North America.  We want you to get more value from AT, and appreciate you working with us to figure out a win-win.

Thank you in advance for your continued partnership, and please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

With best regards,

Tim Romano
Managing Editor, Angling Trade
[email protected]


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