Angling Trade Shifts Gears


fish_schoolWe’re actually kicking it into high gear. Basically what we’re doing is doubling the number of E-newsletters like this one, so we will send two a month rather than one.  We are also cutting the number of print magazines we produce a year from four to two–a Spring Issue, and a Summer/Show issue.  (Those two issues currently account for 75 percent of our ad revenue).

What does this mean to you?  You’re going to hear more often from us, with more “newsy” content as things in this industry happen.  The magazine will be where we run more detailed, issues-related and instructional stories.  You’ll find more of the people news, product news, interactive surveys, debate topics and so forth online.  All in all, with the industry LinkedIn forum, regular E-newsletters, and two “archival,” thicker, stronger print issues of AT, we are increasing bandwidth and facilitating better communications among fly-fishing businesses.

We are also going to crank up objective, straight-shot, thumbs up-thumbs down product reviews. Our team will remain the same. And as always, we are eager to hear your input and suggestions.  This forum exists to serve your business interests, and help you be more successful.

Most of our advertisers have been supportive, and are aligning their plans to help out.  We also have more opportunities for new advertisers to get involved.  That’s all great, and we appreciate that.  We are investing money in revamping our website, and you will soon notice those changes.  The new site will be more mobile friendly (According to Google Analytics, 30 percent of our readers are on mobile devices or tablets) and more responsive.  We also will be better able to edit content on the site… all good stuff.

The bottom line is that a lot has changed in the media world since we started doing this 10 years ago, and Angling Trade is keeping in tune with our readers. We hope you like the changes.

-Tim Romano and Kirk Deeter


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