Gogal Publishing announces the release of Stream Map USA – Southeast Edition


5s_Results_MapFrom Gogal Publishing:

Gogal Publishing announces the release of Stream Map USA – Southeast Edition expanding Gogal’s signature brand with complete stream map coverage of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Stream Map USA is a searchable, color coded river, lake and stream map displayed over GPS-enabled roadmaps, satellite images, and topographic maps.  Each edition features a built-in search function allowing users to easily find even the most obscure lakes and streams.  Users can search across the entire region or limit their search to a specific state or even an individual county.  Once a stream is located, a simple touch of the map adds a destination waypoint providing users with turn-by-turn driving directions right to that stream.

In the field, Stream Map USA is a complete handheld GPS with maps stored locally for use without phone service.   The user’s location is displayed on the map and the map tracks them as they travel.  Along the way, users can capture additional waypoints with GPS accuracy to save any special locations they find.  Each waypoint can then be named and notes can be added.  Switching to the field compass displays the user’s GPS coordinates, heading, altitude and speed of travel.    When a waypoint is selected as the “Target” destination, the compass even adds a direction of travel arrow pointing the way to that waypoint and counting down the distance.  This is ideal for storing fishing holes, campsites, tree stands, scenic locations, and just about anywhere a user may want to find again.

Traditional maps have always treated flowing water as simple blue lines making it difficult to quickly identify streams and almost impossible to follow their flow without careful study of the map’s labels.  Stream Map USA takes a novel approach mapping each river, lake and stream in a unique color allowing users to quickly differentiate any water from its tributaries and follow any stream from headwaters to mouth.

As a planning and safety tool, Stream Map USA also includes access to current water conditions through the USGS.  Each stream gage is mapped and users simply tap the map gage to get reports on stream height, water flow, and other important factors updated every 15 minutes by USGS.

“We wanted to step away from traditional mapping and create a 21st century map of America’s streams harnessing the power of digital mapping, GPS technology, and the smartphone,” said author and company president, Mike Gogal.  “With the release of Stream Map USA, we think we’ve done just that!”

Three editions of Stream Map USA covering the Northeast, West Coast and Southeast are now available on the AppStore for the introductory price of $8.99 each.  A fourth edition,  Great Lakes is slated for release in late November and Android versions of the entire catalogue should be available on the Google Play Store in early 2016.


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