UMPQUA Launches Zero Sweep™ — A Line of Packs, Bags and Vests Designed to Eliminate Snags on the Water. Proceeds to Benefit Special Ops Veterans.



From Umpqua:

When Umpqua Feather Merchants (Umpqua) reentered the packs, bags and vests market in 2014 the results were impressive. The entire line received overwhelmingly positive feedback from consumers and several products received industry accolades and awards. But that did not stop the 40+ year old company from furthering its legacy of designing and offering the most innovative and highest quality products to anglers around the world.

At this year’s IFTD show in Orlando, Florida, Umpqua revealed the all-new Zero Sweep™ line up of products that include two waist packs, two chest packs, three sling packs, a backpack, a tech vest and a revamped Tailgater ZS Organizer. One of the products, the Rock Creek ZS Compact Chest Pack, received the “Best of Show — Youth Category” award.

In addition to improving on the original design concepts of its previous products in this category, the Umpqua product design team collaborated with a premier technical outdoor pack design firm and US Special Operations veterans to conceive and produce its Zero Sweep™ line of packs, bags and vests. A primary goal of the line’s design is to eliminate line snags while on the water through a unique system of sheaths, ports and attachment points for the go-to tools and accessories that can often cause snags. Retractors are attached inside the products on high-wear hypalon tabs and threaded out of ports where tools are stationed snag-free. “Blind” hemostat sheaths guide partially opened hemostats to snag-free clip points and orient and partially conceal the tools in easily accessible locations. Umpqua even designed unique Zero Sweep™ buckles that clip underneath flat web loops leaving no exposed edges on which lines can catch. Closed foot zipper sliders, specially designed zipper pulls and streamlined, integrated external foam fly patches whose edges are also covered round out the Zero Sweep™ design features.

“We never stopped developing these products and are confident that our new Zero Sweep™ functionality justifies a big change in the industry. The core features that gained us loyal followers are still there, but are now partnered with a new, snag-free way to store and easily access the tools you need on the water.”

  • BRENT BAUER, Director of Product, Umpqua Feather Merchants

The entire line up consists of twelve product offerings, nine of which come in two color ways— Granite and a Copper/Black combination. The Tailgater ZS Organizer is offered only in Granite. The products include:

Waist Packs

  • Ledges 500ZS Waist Pack (SRP $109.99)
  • Ledges 650ZS Waist Pack (SRP $129.99)

Chest Packs

  • Overlook 500ZS Chest Pack (SRP $99.99)
  • Overlook 500ZS Chest Pack KIT (SRP $129.99) – comes with the standard back panel as well as an additional 550 cubic inch, 9-liter, hydration compatible back compartment
  • Rock CreekZS Compact Chest Pack (SRP $69.99) – can also be worn as a hip/belt pack
  • Rock CreekZS Chest Pack KIT (SRP $129.99) – comes with the standard four-point harness as well as an additional 550 cubic inch, 9-liter, hydration compatible back compartment

Sling Packs

  • Steamboat 1200ZS Sling Pack (SRP $119.99)
  • Ambi-SlingZS Ambidextrous Sling Pack (SRP $139.99)
  • BandolierZS Ambidextrous Sling/Chest/Waist Pack (SRP $69.99)

Tech Vest

  • SwiftwaterZS Tech Vest (SRP $169.99)

Back Pack

  • Surveyor 2000ZS Backpack (SRP $179.99) – integrates with the Overlook 500ZS Chest Pack, Rock CreekZS Chest Pack and SwiftwaterZS Tech Vest


  • TailgaterZS Organizer (SRP $109.99)

Many of the distinct innovations in our new Zero Sweep™ products were born from a collaborative effort between former Special Operations Veterans and members of Discover Courage and our design team members. As a way of saying “thanks” for both their input and their service to our country, Umpqua will be donating a percentage of the proceeds from every Zero Sweep™ sale through 2016 to Discover Courage (WEB: PHONE: 757-932-0045).

All of Umpqua’s Zero Sweep™ products are being shipped to their retailers this month and should be available for purchase by consumers both online and in person for the 2015 Holiday season. For more information on Umpqua’s Zero Sweep™ products, please visit™


Since being founded in Glide, Oregon by the late Dennis Black in 1972, Umpqua has been an innovator in the fly-fishing industry. In creating the first-ever Royalty Signature Fly Tyer Program, Umpqua altered the course of the industry by making flies more readily available and affordable to anglers everywhere, while at the same time enabling designers to receive recognition and compensation for their creativity. Today, Umpqua has nearly 200 Signature Fly Designers and has introduced hundreds of revolutionary, game changing fly patterns throughout the years. Umpqua’s innovations extend far beyond just flies, and include award-winning fly boxes, packs and vests; industry unique, ultra-effective leader tapers; and a comprehensive assortment of high quality streamside accessories, hooks, fly-tying tying materials, tools and more.

Umpqua’s headquarters are located in Louisville, Colorado.

For more information, please visit, or contact:

Luke Wennik, Marketing Manager

Phone: 303.567.6696, ext. 102

Email: [email protected]


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