Outdoor Industry Association® Segmentation Full Report Now Available


From OIA:

Outdoor Industry Association® (OIA) today published the OIA Segmentation Full Report, which provides access to the full research data from its 2014 attitudinal consumer segmentation study. The qualitative and quantitative effort is a first of its kind for the industry and provides an industry-level view of the world of outdoor through the eyes of the consumer.

The 154-page robust report provides answers, both for the overall outdoor market as well as individual outdoor consumer segments, to questions such as:

What does outdoor participation look like?
Who is the outdoor consumer?
What gets them outside? What holds them back?
What are their attitudes towards the outdoors and outdoor gear?
What are the their purchasing behaviors?
What are the their brand relationships?
What are the their media behaviors?

OIA members can use this report to understand how the general U.S. population defines the outdoors. The report also segments the overall outdoor consumer market, providing members with a deep understanding of each segment’s needs, attitudes and behaviors related to their outdoor activities. This understanding helps members to identify which segments they are currently attracting, as well as any potential opportunity markets for growth.

“This insight into today’s outdoor consumers is so valuable to our industry, as we face big changes in how consumers are recreating in the outdoors and shopping for outdoor products,” said xanax brand name online Christie Hickman, OIA’s vice president of market & consumer insights. “Marketing, research and product teams for outdoor brands and retailers will find this information particularly useful in helping inform their day-to-day responsibilities, as well as longer-term business strategies.”

Other research products from the segmentation study are available through OIA ConsumerVue, an interactive digital tool that translates the findings from the study and helps guide members in applying this information to their own businesses.

“OIA’s consumer insights have proven invaluable to us as we raise growth money from venture capital,” said Julian Flores, founder & CEO of GetOutfitted. “Many in the VC world don’t understand the size and opportunity in the outdoor industry, let alone its consumers and trends; having OIA’s analytics are key to telling the story and getting them engaged.”

OIA members can download the full report from the Resource Center in OIA ConsumerVue. Non-members can purchase the report for $1,000.

Outdoor Industry Association
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