“The Reel Winder”- Kicks off Crowd Funding Campaign


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 8.28.30 AMFrom The Reel Winder:

The Reel Winder is a revolutionary fly fishing tool that aids in cleaning/treating, changing and storing fly line. It quickly clips onto your fly rod handle allowing you to easily “reel” line on and off your fly fishing reel. It also eliminates the need to buy extra spools, which provides a substantial cost savings to the fly fisher.

The Reel Winder enables you to “reel” the line off your fly reel onto the winder spool while running your line through a cleaning rag to maintain your fly line. It is portable and can be carried easily in your fishing bag or vest. The spool on The Reel Winder can be removed to store or switch out line. The winder comes with an additional winder spool, eliminating the need to purchase extra reel spools which is a huge cost savings to the fly fisher.

Please see our website to view videos that illustrate the benefits in detail at www.thereelwinder.com.

L&R Solutions, maker of The Reel Winder, is a partnership which began in 2013 between two fly fishing buddies, Steve Lepley and David Humphries. Both are Plastic Product Design Engineers by trade and have a combined total of 40 years in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. Their experience designing, tooling and manufacturing production parts provides them with the confidence and the contacts to bring the Reel Winder to fruition. Starting on April 25, the team will be starting a crowd funding campaign on KICKSTARTER.

For more information call L&R Solutions at (248)891-0788
or via email at [email protected]



  1. Looks like a convenient set up. However, to help market the system you should design it to accept spools that we buy fly line on for storage. Most of us, myself included, keep these spools specifically to store the line after we are done for the season. Would seem to increase the appeal of your product if the design incorporated this feature. If I purchased your product I would be figuring out how to do this for my own use.

    • Hi Mark,
      Great suggestion! We actually built the ability to load retail line spools onto winder. The the winder base has a standard 1/4 x 20 thread so a regular bolt will easily screw in to hold a spool. Since this the first time we’ve launched something on kickstarter the desire was to keep the design simple in the beginning and validate the idea. But like all good ideas, backing is needed to make it a reality. Any help spreading the word is appreciated – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1390992053/the-reel-winder-fly-fishing-tool-to-clean-and-chan
      Thanks – Tight Lines

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