Do You Really Give A Damn About Stream Access?


web_streamAs reported in Angling Trade, there’s another stream access mess developing, this one in New Mexico. Are we just wrong in assuming that this industry will be severely damaged every time public access is limited? Because clearly, the dominoes are falling in the other direction, and not enough is being done to step up and confront these matters effectively. So you tell us…

How much do you care about the stream access issue?

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  1. I spent years fighting the river bottom ownership and King’s grant issue in Virginia in a court room. Only a few principled brands helped with that fight. I completely overestimated the “give-a-damn” factor for those in the biz. In Virginia, no one knows who owns the beds of our navigable rivers. That should share the heck out of anyone.

  2. john nebel on

    the public owns the water and the public should own the right to use it and those who abuse the right to use or preserve clean air or our waters should be subject to legal action for abusing the public trust

  3. The public of the US must continue to have free access to those lands and water bodies in the public domain or there shortly will be no need for any of our sportsman businesses. I am afraid that our US companies do not care anymore as long as they can still sell their products, but shortly without access there will be no need to buy their products. How shortsighted!

  4. What Bill Cole said, and I would alike to add that we, the industries and participants should try our best to gain respectful access to waters also in the private domain for the benefit of all sportsmen and sportswomen.

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