Tarpon Anglers Have More Fly Line Options from RIO Products


tarpon_rioFrom RIO Products:

RIO Products, industry-leading manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, continues to expand the fly line options for tarpon fishing with the new Tarpon QuickShooter.

The Tarpon QuickShooter is designed with a short head that is 30 feet in length and a full line size heavier to easily load modern saltwater rods. The powerful front taper makes it a breeze to cast large flies or to punch into tough winds, while a long back taper and handling section enables anglers to pick up and re-target second shot casts. This line is ideal for close range shots at tarpon and on low light days when buy alprazolam online no prescription needed quick casts are essential.

This line is available in both full floating and floating with a 10 foot, clear intermediate tip that will sink at 1.5 inches per second. Welded loops on both ends allow quick rigging, and the AgentX and Extreme Slickness coating on the strong, stiff core will not wilt in the heat. The Tarpon QuickShooter is available in WF10F – WF12F in sea grass and sand color and WF10F/I – WF12F/I in clear tip and sea grass color for a retail price of $89.95.

To learn more, visit RIO Products vimeo page for a video on how to choose the best tarpon line.


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