TU joins F3T as sponsor for fourth year in a row


From TU:

Trout Unlimited today announced that it will continue to sponsor the Fly Fishing Film Tour in 2015, continuing a relationship that has proven fruitful for both entities since the partnership began four years ago.

TU’s investment in the film tour gives the nonprofit conservation group an avenue to reach filmgoers around the country at more than forty tour stops with its collaborative stewardship message, and it gives TU chapters from coast to coast the opportunity to recruit local members and let filmgoers see first-hand how TU makes fishing better for all anglers.

In addition to sponsoring F3T this year, TU is also sponsoring one of the films in the tour—Co2LD Water. The film, produced by Conservation Hawks and featuring the likes of Yvon Chouinard, Todd Tanner and Craig Mathews, discusses the importance of addressing climate change and the impacts a warming world is having on trout.

“We’re very happy to be a part of F3T again this year,” said Joel Johnson, TU’s chief marketing officer. “The tour is a part of fly fishing culture now, and it gives us a true opportunity to connect with people who are passionate about fish and share in our desire to protect trout and salmon. Plus, its just plain fun.”

The sponsorship comes with benefits for TU chapters all across America. Chapters are always invited to participate in F3T screenings, but the deal also allows chapters to sponsor tour screenings on their own at a steep discount and raise money for local conservation efforts. In addition to show screenings, the tour also can provide face shields and Buffs chapters can use to raise money for on-the-ground work in local communities.

“We firmly believe in TU’s mission, and we’re very proud to have TU on board again this year as we take the show on the road again,” said Doug Powell of F3T. “Working with local chapters on the ground to help them raise money for conservation is important to us, and over the years, our affiliate shows have helped raise more than $150,000 for good causes.”

The tour kicks off this weekend in Denver, and goes throughout the spring and summer with dozens of stops all across the U.S. and Canada. For those interested in hosting a show, contact Chris Keig or Doug Powell at the above phone numbers, or send an e-mail to them at [email protected].

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