Umpqua Promotes Brian Schmidt to Fly Manager to Lead Fly Innovation & Quality



From Umpqua:

Umpqua has announced that Brian Schmidt has taken over the Fly Manager role for recently retired Bruce Olson. In his new role at Umpqua, Brian will continue to be responsible for assuring the quality of Umpqua flies, sourcing fly-tying materials, and playing the key role in selecting the new fly patterns to be introduced into Umpqua’s vast offering of flies. He will also head up Umpqua’s Signature Fly Designer Royalty Program, the first program of its kind in the industry that recognizes, rewards and promotes fly designers for their creativity.

“It’s an honor and privilege to work so closely with the most creative and innovative minds in fly tying and to continue to focus on the traditions and ideals that Dennis Black founded this company upon.”

— Brian Schmidt, Fly Manager, Umpqua Feather Merchants

Brian became a fly junkie at an early age, cutting his teeth on the limestone creeks of Southeastern Pennsylvania. After attending Penn State University with a focus on “the drag free drift,” Brian moved to the Front Range of Colorado in 2002 where he worked as a guide and managed the Fly Tying Department at Front Range Anglers. In 2006 Brian started working for Umpqua handling new fly development and quality control. Since that time Brian has created and introduced some of the most innovative warm-water flies ever seen in fly-fishing including the Schmidterbug, Schmidterbait and SpookR, can you buy xanax online no prescription along with many other unique and effective trout patterns.

“Brian has one of the most creative and productive minds in fly tying. This, along with his drive for nothing but the best, aligns perfectly with Umpqua’s history of innovation and quality. I believe Brian will continue Umpqua’s distinguished tradition of creating and introducing industry-changing flies as Umpqua has with famous tiers like Kaufmann, Barr, Craven, Mercer, Wulff, Dennis, Morrish, etc., over our 42 year history.”

— Brent Bauer, Director of Product Management, Umpqua Feather Merchants

Since being founded in Glide, Oregon by the late Dennis Black in 1972, Umpqua has been an innovator in the fly-fishing industry. In creating the first-ever Royalty Signature Fly Tyer Program, Umpqua altered the course of the industry by making flies more readily available and affordable to anglers everywhere, while at the same time enabling designers to receive recognition and compensation for their creativity. Today, Umpqua has nearly 200 Royalty Signature Designers and has introduced hundreds of revolutionary, game changing fly patterns throughout the years. Umpqua’s innovations extend far beyond just flies, and include award-winning fly boxes, packs and vests; industry unique, ultra-effective tapers; and a comprehensive assortment of high quality streamside accessories, hooks, fly-tying tying materials, tools and more.

Umpqua’s headquarters are located in Louisville, Colorado.

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