Wilderness Systems Unveils the All-New Thresher Open Water Fishing Kayak

Wilderness Systems®, the industry leader in innovative, high performance angling kayaks, unveils the Thresher, an all-new open water fishing kayak for 2015 that offers everything an offshore angler might need and more.

Built with both the aspiring and advanced angler in mind, the performance-driven Thresher features a fast, efficient hull with rudder configurations, making it easy to cover long distances to find the best fishing spots. Pronounced, voluminous rails and flared sidewalls provide the stability and predictability needed for breaching ocean waves, paddling through choppy whitecaps, and enduring tumultuous swells. With no sacrifices made to maneuverability, the contoured keel and rockered bow and stern allow the Thresher to gracefully surf its way back to shore after a long day on the water.

The Thresher, available in two sizes, is designed with a thoughtful discount xanax no prescription layout for maximum gear storage, capacity, and accessibility that sets it apart. The sleek and modern sit-on-top deck offers ample usable space to easily customize it with SlideTraxTM and accessories such as rod holders and live wells. Unique features include the cutting-edge FlexPod OS (oversized), which is designed for integrating fish/depth finding electronics and simultaneously provides a convenient, removable, dry storage space. Additionally, a spacious center-mounted storage compartment provides easy access to the hull, allowing the paddler to quickly stow rods and tackle when entering and exiting the surf zone. The new water-shedding bow hatch cover not only covers a large and convenient bow storage area, but also has an integrated paddle park making your paddle easily accessible when you need to go after the next big one.


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