Vac Rac introduces a simple but highly effective vacuum rod rack


Quad-Rack-2smallFrom Sportube:

There are times when your fishing hole is just not happening and you want to switch spots on the river. It can be troublesome, not to mention downright damaging to have to squeeze your fully rigged rods into the car along with your passengers and who wants to break a rod down only to re rig it.

The Quad racks from Vac Rac solve all these problems.  With two lever actuated vacuum bases per rack, the Quad rack securely mounts to any smooth vehicle or boat surface whether steel, aluminum, glass or composite allowing you to safely transport up to 4 fully assembled rods & reels on the outside of your car.

The new laser cut stainless steel connecting plate can be bent to allow a perfect fit to the curvature of any hood or roof regardless of the angles or esthetic ridge lines.  Standing at 6 ½” tall, the Quad rack allows ample height for even the larger reels.  The cork handles of your rods are protected and held tightly on the padded T bar using elastic shock cord that are tensioned by teeth on the rack. In tests the Quad rack has lifted in excess of 120lb and holds firmly on any car at highway speeds.

“Since 1987 our solid reputation has been based on customer service, innovation and adherence to KISS Principle engineering” say Founder and Inventor Patrick Laverty “’KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid’ is an acronym for a design principle credited to U.S. Navy aircraft engineer Kelly Johnson  – simplicity should be a key goal in design and at Vac Rac we design and manufacture original products for many industries including fishing, automotive and military.”

For further information on the Quad rack or any other of the Vac Rac products, please contact US Distributor, Highland Trading Co, Inc. Avon, Co. 1 800 423 4439


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