Something Every Shop Should Have… Fish Skull Fly Tester



Another winning product from IFTD we wanted to call out is the Fish Skull Fly Tester, from Flymen Fishing Co. Now, as the name implies, you can fasten flies to lines, and float them on the surface, “drift” them under the surface, and even “swim” certain flies like streamers. In other words you can see how they look and behave in the water… what the action is, and so forth.

That’s all fine, but let’s call it like it is and say what the fly tester really is. It’s a customer entertainment device that belongs on some counter, or behind the cash register in every shop. It belongs in classrooms where fishing is being taught. It belongs at TU chapter meetings, and so on, and so forth.

At $285, it’s more affordable, more compact, easier to maintain, and frankly, more entertaining, than any live fish aquarium.

The more shops realize this an put these on display, the more average consumers will grab onto that notion as well, and buy them for their own homes. Where they will test a few flies, now ant then, no doubt. But mostly just watch the cool currents and how their favorite store-bought flies swim and float.


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