Is Loomis First to Revise Warranty Thinking?



A lot of companies have been challenged on the warranty issue.  No doubt, many have been talking and thinking.  Certain dealers certainly keep pressing. But by and large, it’s been an issue of “all smoke and no fire.”

Maybe not for much longer.

AT has heard through multiple sources that G.Loomis is revising it’s extended warranty program for rods and will go back to one-year coverage with a manufacturer default warranty.

What have you heard?

Good move or bad move?

Will you retailers be more apt to continue, revisit, or restart a relationship with Loomis based on all of this?



  1. I love my G. Loomis GLX Streamdance rod and have put countless fish on that stick, but I passionately believe manufacturers are completely missing the point in this entire debate.

    First, everyone likes new toys. Anyone with the means will be naturally inclined to upgrade to the latest greatest stuff as time goes on.

    Secondly, it’s not the warranty but the “overly generous” policy of taking all rods in, whether they are registered or not, that causes problems. If you require registration in order to service a rod under warranty, the original purchaser cannot sell that rod on EBAY for “like new” value.

    But the MOST important thing here is the missed opportunity by manufacturers to use the registration process to CONNECT WITH CUSTOMERS! Don’t make it a burden to register, make it a benefit. Offer members-only stuff, from events to pre-orders, community features, a regular newsletter, industry discounts on other equipment or experiences… make it a club. Registering product should be a source of pride. I’d be proud to list my G. Loomis arsenal, and Loomis would be wise to recognize that kind of enthusiasm and loyalty.

    If prices for high-end rods remain stable while warranties are withdrawn, consumers will be very wise to switch brands if no other value is presented.

    I have been in the community development business working with major brands and celebrities for 17 years and would love to participate in an open discussion on the topic. As an avid fly angler, I think there is a huge opportunity for manufacturers to step up on this issue AND provide a better experience, long term, for their customers.

    -Pinky Gonzales
    SightWorks, Inc.

  2. Bob Balcombe on

    First of all correct me if I am wrong. G. Loomis no longer makes fishing rods under that logo or name. Shimano (SW) Bought the Loomis company and name over 10 ten years ago. So the warranty is under Shimano. It is like buying a Buick its warranties are covered by GM

  3. …and their web site sit still shows Kaufmann’s Tigard store as one of their dealers…if that’s any indication of their direction….(gaud)
    Sign me still asking WTF???

  4. If high-end manufacturers are going to start breaking apart warranties, the prices of the rods will need to reflect the fact that they are no longer covered by a bulletproof warranty…or an a la carte or third party coverage option needs to be offered (which creates a unique business opportunity for someone that has knowledge of the insurance/warranty business). If Loomis is the first and only one to stick its neck out and do this, I can assure you many consumers will pass on their offerings based upon the fact that their warranty is suspect, yet they still are charging premium warrantied prices. If all the high-end manufacturers team up and simultaneously approach this issue, there might be more success…but even in that case I’d bet that more consumers will choose to select mid-range, foreign manufactured rods that still have bulletproof warranties versus high-end, domestically manufactured rods that lack serious warranties.

    At the end of the day, I think this is all just a show…the industry created this system, gladly promoted it, and priced their equipment to reflect it.

  5. Life time warranties are great.The problem is with any warranty that covers the original owner is keeping your receipt or proof of purchase to prove this. I have never had any problem with any warranty as I keep all my receipts. The consumer has to play ball if the manufacturer is to play ball.

  6. As a Loomis dealer, we recently received a notice that the warranty on all new Shimano rods is being reduced to the one year time frame. A follow-up phone call to dealer services confirmed that the new warranty policy only applies to Shimano gear rods, not Loomis fly rods. While there is smoke here, it’s being blown in from the next county over. Shimano may be testing the waters on their gear side to see how it’s received, but at this time Loomis warranties are staus quo.

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