InTouch RIO Gold Trout Line



In just under the wire (or line) to test in advance of IFTD, I got the new InTouch fly line (a contender for best freshwater line at IFTD), strung it up, and took it to the home pond for some test casts the night before my flight to IFTD.  It’s built with an ultra-low-stretch core, and what that means (or at least feels like to me) is a more responsive, less free-noodling fly line… and that means a more accurate-casting line.

I hope they have some of this strung up on reels at the Far Back booths, so people can feel this line.  I’ve always been a big believer that the ammo loads you shoot through your rifle and shotgun are as big a part as your accuracy as the firearms themselves, and I’ve wondered why there hasn’t been a bigger push to draw that same analogy in fly fishing.  I think this line helps add to that argument.  Available in #4-#8 weights, it retails for $89.95.


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