Dr. Slick Typhoon Pliers



Here’s another contender for some serious attention, especially in the “accessories” realm.  Dr. Slick has created these “Typhoon” pliers that are not only functional and solid, they have a retail pricepoint of $60.  And no, I didn’t mistakenly drop a digit from in front of the 60.  They’re machined, they’re comfortable to grip, they are corrosion resistant, and they even come with replacement cutters.  Here’s a link to more I said about Typhoon on fieldandstream.com.

The bottom line with these is that retailers will have to decide… are you selling oodles of $300 pliers?  Can you mix your offering of high-end pliers and these budget (but surprisingly high quality) pliers?  You’ll have to come up with your own opinions, and yes, we’ll all have to see how long the jaws and blades really last.  But that price is going to shock people, and I think this is a crossover product for both gear anglers and fly folks.


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  1. Gregory Walck on

    These pliers should be machined aluminum? A little light on the details. Should be a killer set of pliers with cutters. And the customer service from Dr Slick can not be beat. I had bought a pair of Dr Slick Barracuda pliers (not stainless steel) for a pike trip to Canada. The cutters absolutely sucked brand new. So I returned the pliers to the company stating they were not up to Dr Slick quality. The owner personaly sent a hand written note with a brand new set of Pieces pliers with carbide cutters to replace them, at no additional cost. Never worry about selling a Dr Slick product in your store.

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