Outdoor Industry Association Releases Corporate Responsibility Topline Report Provides an overview of seven years’ work with a look to the future


From OIA:

Outdoor Industry Association® (OIA) today announced the release of its Corporate Responsibility Topline Report, which documents the work of the OIA Sustainability Working Group (SWG) and invites other companies in the outdoor industry to join hundreds of brands, retailers, suppliers and other stakeholder organizations to advance responsible business practices.

Early on, OIA SWG members recognized that a majority of the environmental impacts for their companies could be attributed to product manufacturing and supply chain issues. It became obvious that common tools, standards and language around responsible business practices were needed, so in 2007, the OIA SWG was created to help companies within the outdoor industry benchmark and measure their environmental footprints, identify areas for improvement, and make informed sourcing and product lifecycle decisions.

The Corporate Responsibility Topline Report assesses the tools and resources that have been developed thus far, including the Higg Index 2.0, launched in December 2013. It also details the work done over the last seven years in four key areas: responsible chemicals management, materials traceability in the supply chain, social responsibility and fair labor practices, and product indexing.

“As we examine the outstanding body of work the OIA SWG has accomplished, it’s clear that sustainability is inherently tied to the core industry values of maintaining product quality, ensuring supply chain resiliency and protecting brand reputations,”  said Frank Hugelmeyer, OIA CEO and president. “Sustainable business practices represent the only way we should do business in the future.”

To read the Corporate Responsibility Topline report in its entirety, click on: http://outdoorindustry.org/responsibility/gettingstarted.html

To learn more about the OIA SWG, visit outdoorindustry.org/sustainability or contact Nikki Hodgson at [email protected].

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