PEAK Fishing announces another record sales year


From Peak Fishing:

PEAK Fishing has announced another record sales year in 2013.  According to Brand Manager Al Ritt, PEAK Fishing’s sales were up more than 20% in 2013 over 2012.  Ritt also offered that “2013 marked our sixth consecutive year of increased sales.  In addition to increased domestic sales we were able to reach distribution agreements to make our products more readily available in Europe and the UK.  As new dealers become established abroad we expect momentum to continue building.  Sales in 2014 are already indicating a continued upward trend.”

PEAK’s owner and President Allen Schultz added “It’s beginning to sound like a broken record, but we’ve continued to ramp up production and as we do the demand for our products increases as well.  It’s an ideal situation and we’re committed to supporting current demand as well as continuing to grow our production along with our dealer and end user base.  We continue to work at enhancing PEAK’s visibility in the fly fishing and tying community.  We produce quality products at reasonable prices that are well received excellent by casual to professional level tiers.  We advertise in consumer and trade publications, on the internet, through our sponsorship of the IF4 Film Tour and with our television ads on WFN and WildTV.  We have a talented and active pro-staff of international fly tiers who appear at shows and shops providing fly tying demonstrations and instruction.  These efforts have helped showcase the quality, functionality and economy of our products.  That in turn has led to more consumers seeking our products specifically from their local dealer.”

Ritt continued “We’re very pleased with our dealer network and our new distribution partners.  We continue to search for additional dealers to make our products locally available across North America and distributors to work with us worldwide.”

For more information about PEAK Fishing, PEAK’s contract fabrication and manufacturing capabilities, or becoming a dealer or distributor visit their web site,, contact them by phone at 970-622-9601, or e-mail them at [email protected].


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