Can Angling Trade Help Your Business?


Fish_multipleCan Angling Trade Help Your Business?

Of course it can.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.  Ask around.  Or read what some of your colleagues in the fly-fishing industry have to say:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing an article on (our company) in Angling Trade. It brought in all kinds of inquiries!”

“Advertising in AT works.  Thanks!”

“It’s gratifying to see what a continuing significant role AT takes, from one issue to the next. I look forward to the education I get from every issue. Color me impressed.”

“Angling Trade is the voice of the industry.”

“Keep sending that Angling Trade!! You do a great job.”

“Good service for those of us not attending (the trade show) and looking for story/column material. Keep it coming.”

“Another well-done piece!!!!”

“Thanks for your fine product.”

“Your ‘Editor’s Column’ in the latest Angling Trade magazine was brilliant.”

“Thanks for your publication and keeping retailers in the news. ”

“We have had very good response from your post yesterday (for reps and people wanting to be Ambassadors). Thanks for the exposure!”

We didn’t solicit these responses.  But we sure are grateful.  So thanks to our readers.  We’ve been at this for seven years now, and we’re bigger, stronger and more in tune with this industry now than we ever have been.  Most importantly, have always been–and always will be–committed to helping specialty retailers and manufacturers be successful.  We are here to serve you.

As such, we help launch products.  We get the word in the right ears.  We make connections.  We educate.  We help companies and products earn the recognition and awards they deserve.

As we approach the trade show season and our flagship issue for 2014, we urge you not to be conspicuously absent from this forum.  Whether you have something to launch, something to grow, or you simply want to make a statement to show your support of the independent fly tackle dealer in America, we bring the resources–both digital and in print–to help you do that.  There’s a place, and an ROI, for everyone.  We’re the only independent media voice that’s totally focused on the North American fly-fishing industry.

And what’s more…

This next issue will mark the debut of a complete redesign of Angling Trade magazine.  It’s going to be one of the biggest, widest-read, most talked-about issues in years.

Please contact me soon, as our advertising closing date is fast approaching, and space is filling up quickly with close to 40 companies already reserving ads.

Thanks for all your support. Good luck with the season ahead.  And we look forward to working with you.


Tim Romano
Managing Editor
303.495.3967 p
303.495.2454 f
[email protected]


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